Posillico Materials Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How long can I expect my driveway or parking lot to last?

A good average to expect is around 20 years, as architects will typically design parking lots to last 20-25 years. Unfortunately, designs on paper vary from actual conditions and results can vary significantly. For structurally sound pavements that are experiencing isolated failures, a maintenance program that includes patching, sealcoating, and striping is recommended to help prolong the life of the pavement almost indefinitely.

How long is a driveway paving job going to take?

Driveway paving time varies from project to project. A normal driveway typically takes from a half to full day, depending on the size and whether it has any new excavation included. The time involved to pave your driveway requires preparation of the base for the pavement to be applied. Factors like conditions of the base (whether it is wet or hard), weather forecast (ideal paving conditions are dry weather conditions over 40 degrees), and the homeowner's schedule are other variables that can affect how long the process will take.

What kind of rock is best to avoid "washing out"?

Many problems can occur with little to no drainage. Due to that, a very common and serious problem is driveway washout, which can occur with various slopes, soils, and conditions. For usage at a culvert or around pipe entry or exit areas, rock that is 3" - 6" in diameter is typically used, depending on how steep the drainage area is. #2 rock would usually be the smallest rock used to prevent collapsing and to protect the driveway from erosion. Any driveway showing signs of erosion should also be repaired and resurfaced to avoid future problems.

How long do you have to stay off of new asphalt?

In warmer weather, it is recommended that asphalt remain untouched for 3 days. In late fall and lower temperatures, 1 - 2 days is okay. If you drive a car on new asphalt before it has the proper time to set, it could potentially damage and warp the asphalt. It's also important to keep in mind that your asphalt driveway or parking lot should last indefinitely with the proper installation and maintenance.

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